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If you come across two entries in Rodovid that are about the same person or the same family, the procedure to follow is this:

[sunting] Duplicate people

[sunting] Tagging

  1. Confirm absolutely that they really are the same person. The best way to tell is by name, date of birth and/or death, and the names of immediate family members (parents, spouses, children).
  2. Go to the newest record, which is always the one with the higher person number.
  3. N.B. Keep the person number of the older, original record. You will need this.
  4. Edit the record and go into the "notes" tab.
  5. Add the following text, preferably before anything else that may be in the notes tab. (Substitute the person number of the older record for <id of oldest record>)
    {{merge|<id of oldest record>}}
  6. Save.

[sunting] Merging

  1. Transfer all events, records, notes, dates, middle names, etc. as relevant to the older (original) record. Use your discretion, and refer to Wikipedia where possible if there are any conflicts.
  2. See which links to other people the duplicate (newer) record has.
    • Ex.: parents, children, family record
  3. Transfer children, parents and family records to the original record:
    • Children: Go to the original record, edit, go to the "relationships" tab and under children search for all the children listed at the duplicate record. The easiest way to do this is using their Rodovid ID numbers. When the records come up, check them. Save.
    • Parents: Go to the original record, edit, go to the "relationships" tab and under parent search for the parents you would like to transfer from the duplicate record, the easiest way being by Rodovid ID number. When the record comes up, check it. Save.
    • Family record: Go to the family record and search for the original record, the easiest way again being by Rodovid ID number. Check the original record and uncheck the duplicate record. Save.
  4. N.B. This option is only available in certain circumstances to non-admins. If you cannot do this an admin will do it for you. Delete the duplicate record, and include in the delete summary that it was a duplicate record and that all people and information were merged into the original record.
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