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The creation and connection of records can be tested freely in Rodovid Engine.
That separate database, available only in English, forms a training zone where members can make as many tries as they need (or create genealogies for fiction characters).

The examples shown below have been created in Rodovid Engine.

[sunting] Adding parents, children, siblings

  • First possibility : you have created a record for James T. Kirk, and you need to link him to his father George, whose record does not exist yet.

In that case, when editing the page for James Kirk, you must choose the "Relationships" tab and, in the "Parents" section, click on "Add a new person".
This will open a new editing window where you will be able to write the record for George Kirk.

  • Second possibility : you have created a record for James T. Kirk, and the page for George Kirk already exists (created by you or by someone else).

In that case, you must find the Rodovid registration number of George Kirk. Here it is 10675, as you can see in the address of his page :
That number is also indicated in small characters just under the title of the record.

Then you must choose the "Relationships" tab in the editing window for James Kirk, and choose the "Parents" section.
After the mention "by Rodovid ID", there is a box where you can type or paste the identification number (here 10675) and click "Find". The software will display the name of George Kirk, just under the "Parents" mention.
If everything is correct, validate the choice of George Kirk by ticking his name under the "Parents" mention.
Finally, follow the same procedure to add another relative, or save the page of James Kirk with its new links.

Proceed the same way to add children (by linking records or by creating new pages), but this time using the "Children" section of the "Relationships" tab.

If you have already added the two parents of James Kirk (and connected them with their son), you can use his page to create the records of his siblings.
To do so, choose the "Brothers & sisters" section of the "Relationships" tab, and click on "Add a new person".

[sunting] Adding a family

Linking people with their relatives is done in "Person" records if these relatives are parents, children or siblings (as shown above), but it is done in "Family" records for the two members of a couple.
You cannot add children in these "Family" pages, but you can add events, pictures, notes, etc. The events mentioned in these pages will be automatically inserted in the pages of both spouses (or cohabitees).

If you want to link James Kirk with his love interest Carol Marcus, you must create two records : one "family" page for the couple and a "person" record for her.

[sunting] Caution

If you have modified the record of James T. Kirk, clicking on "Add a new person" or "Add a new family" (in the "Relationships" tab) will have the effect of saving the page with these changes, before opening a new editing window for the relative or the family you wanted to add.

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