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Rodovid is based on MediaWiki, the free software developped and used by the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. It enables registered users to modify the content of Rodovid and to dialogue with other participants.

For an overview of Rodovid's specificities, see About Rodovid (especially the "Features" link).

Visitors can navigate through the site using links in the left margin and the upper right corner of a Rodovid window. These margins remain visible and unchanged in most pages.

Members can change the content of Rodovid using the tabs in the header of each modifiable page.

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[sunting] The tools of the left margin

These links allow access to different domains :

  • site management : Main Page, Recent changes, Random record, What links here, Upload a file, Special pages
  • general information : News, Help, About Rodovid, Rules, Current events
  • community : Community portal
  • on user pages : User contributions, E-mail this user
  • specific functions of Rodovid : Add a person, My Tree, List of last names, Advanced search

What links here : if you are for example on the Main Page, the "What links here" function will display a list of all pages that include a link to the Main Page. It works the same way for any page.

Upload a file : to save pictures on Rodovid.

Special pages : characteristics of Rodovid pages, list of all pages, list of files, list of users, site statistics, system messages, version of the MediaWiki software

User contributions : on the personal page of an user (not the genealogical record), that link will display the contributions of that participant.

E-mail this user : also on the personal page of an user (not the genealogical record), that link will allow you to send an e-mail to that participant, if that person has enabled the e-mail function.

[sunting] Membership

Since 2012, accounts for new members have to be created by administrators (instead of being opened by the visitors themselves). So people who want to become members must send a message to :
That note must include :

  • The user name they have chosen
  • A temporary password for their first connection (optional)
  • An e-mail address to send them an automatic confirmation message
  • The main language they want to use (if it's not English)
  • Maybe a few words explaining their intent (just to ensure that they are not a spam engine)

(For those who did not indicate a password, they will have to wait 24 hours and then, during logging, type their user name and click "E-mail password" to receive a new computer-generated code.)

The automatic confirmation message is occasionally classified as spam by the mailbox of some users. New members must follow the link in that message to activate their account.

[sunting] The tools of the upper right corner

Once your account has been created, it will appear in Rodovid's log. You will then be able to use the logging option in the upper right corner, and the following links will appear in the same zone of your Rodovid window :

Username, my talk, my preferences, my watchlist, my contributions. log out

[sunting] The tabs for page management

page, discussion. edit, history, delete, move. watch

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